16.1. Cycle Cloud Resources#

Links to additional resources

  1. Paper on HPC Computing on Azure using Cycle Cloud: High Performance Computing on Azure using CycleCloud

  2. Link on how to run GEOS-Chem on Cloud: Geos-Chem on the Cloud

  3. Paper on HPC on Cloud: Enabling High-Performance Cloud Computing for Earth Science Modeling on Over a Thousand Cores: Application to the GEOS-Chem Atmospheric Chemistry Model

  4. Comparitive Benchmarking on Cloud: Comparative benchmarking of cloud computing vendors with high performance linpack

  5. Information about Azure Open Dataset Program: Azure Open Datasets

  6. Tutorial on Getting Started with GEOS Chem: Getting Started with GEOS Chem Tutorial

  7. Git repo for Auto-scaling Slurm CycleCloud Cluster Git Repo to set up Auto-scaling Slurm CycleCloud Cluster

  8. WRF, CMAQ & CAMx VM Image on Azure HPC available for fee on Azure Marketplace (not using Cycle Cloud) WRF, CMAQ & CAMx VM Image on Azure HPC (not using Cycle Cloud)