15.3. Resources from Azure for diagnosing issues with running the Cycle Cloud#

15.3.1. Issues#

Please open a GitHub issue for any feedback or issues:

There is also an active community driven Q&A site that may be helpful:

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CycleCloud itself is installed as an application server on a Virtual Machine (VM) in Azure that requires outbound access to Azure Resource Provider APIs. CycleCloud then starts and manages VMs that form the High Performance Computing (HPC) systems — these typically consist of the HPC scheduler head node(s) and compute nodes.

Azure CycleCloud Documentation

Create an Virtual Machine for the CycleCloud 8.2 Image and then from that VM configure a cycle cloud host instance which will create a Cycle Cloud Scheduler. Use your credentials to ssh into the scheduler.

Follow these quickstart instructions to create CycleCloud.

Quickstart CycleCloud from Marketplace VM

Set up and use Managed Identities

Set up and use Managed Identities

List of error messages encountered on Cycle Cloud

List of error message one encounters on Cycle Cloud.